An Open Letter to the Man Who Will Love Us Forever


One day, I’ll marry you. And rather than getting a super hot wife (which you will), you’ll also get a super cool kid. And I hope that you’re either hot or cool. Both are preferred, but not necessary.

Dating as a single mom is one of my serious insecurities. You’ll know that. And you’ll think that it’s silly. You’ll think that it’s laughable that I would be insecure about anything, especially about being a mom. Because you think Chloe is great! And because you think that that’s the thing that makes me so incredible.

Some days, you’ll ask me to go to lunch and I’ll respond, “I’m with Chloe.” And your response will be, “I know. Bring her with you.”

You’ll be patient through the meltdowns. She has them. I have them. We have a lot of meltdowns in this house… You’ll be patient through the meltdowns. You’ll be understanding through the meltdowns. You’ll be the only one not having a meltdown. Most importantly, though, you’ll love us through the meltdowns.

You know that we’re a package deal. That every vacation, every future plan, every milestone, every day includes her. Your romantic, dream trip to the Maldives will now become a family vacation (the umbrella adult beverages are still completely on the menu, though).

You’ll know that our “dream home” has a room and a playroom for her. And a pool. And a wet bar. Not for her, for me. The bar is for me.

You’ll be my person. You’ll be my “I’M LOSING MY FREAKING MIND! I’M GOING TO ERRUPT!” person. You’ll be my “You wanna hear something gross?” person. You’ll be my “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with her.” person. Most rewardingly, however, you’ll be my “My mom has the child for the night, get me drunk.” person.

You’ll be her “Please may I have [insert whatever I just told her she could not have]?” person. You’ll be her “Take me to the daddy/daughter dance.” person. You’ll be her “What do I do about this?” person. You’ll be her “MOM IS WORKING MY LAST NERVE!” person. Most importantly, you’ll be her “I’m in trouble and need help.” person.

It’s a big job. Not to be taken lightly. Not to be unappreciated. Not to be unnoticed.

To the man who will love us forever, we’re worth it. I assure you. We seem crazy and a little dysfunctional, but we’re fun. We’re unpredictable. We’re cuddly. We’re sweet. We’re funny.

To the man who will love us forever, you’re already our hero.

To the man who will love us forever, thank you. For choosing to love us both forever.

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