Here’s a mini blog for all the mamas who have somehow squeezed enough time into their very busy lives for a Netflix subscription/addiction.
Truly, though, if you have found some free time to watch tv, you do not want to waste 15 minutes of that precious time by scrolling through all of the titles that Netflix has to offer. You want to have everything saved to a list so that you can pull up the site on whatever device your munchkins aren’t monopolizing, and you want to watch your show, maximizing your mommy time. This list is also for those mommies of newborns who are genuinely so bored with their baby because it’s not active yet (Yeah, SPOILER ALERT: sleepless nights are not the worst/hardest part). REGARDLESS of where you are on your mom journey, if you have found time for a little Netflix-indulging, here is a list of the most “binge-worthy” Netflix shows that will help you keep your sanity.

1. Grey’s Anatomy. That’s a given… The beauty in G.A. is that whether you’re completely caught up or whether you’re just starting the series, there’s so much to offer. I watch TGIT every single week on ABC and I still rewatch the past seasons on Netflix. For one reason: Mark Sloan. I will leave it at that. Those of you who don’t get the reference, you REALLY need to binge and catch up. Seriously, though, G.A. is the perfect Mom show… why have a mental breakdown and cry about life when you could easily watch G.A. and cry for reasons other than sleep deprivation and spilled milk? Literal spilled milk.

2. Jane The Virgin. Highly doubtful that any of us were accidentally artificially inseminated, but nonetheless, J.T.V. is soooooooo relatable. I mean, HELLO, Jane is a mama who shops at Target… all of us can relate to that. Fun fact: I binge-watched the entire first season of Jane The Virgin in two days, only while I pumped milk. (That’s a testament of how time consuming pumping is. One hour, every two hours… Not for the weak, I assure you.)The other really fantastic thing about J.T.V. is that it’s a spoof on telenovelas-spanish soap operas-which means that the plot is ridiculously overdramatic and it’s really funny, which, frankly, is the kind of show Zombie Moms need after an exhausting day of being moms. Who wants to think anymore than necessary at the end of yet another day of keeping little humans alive? Not I.

3. Orange Is The New Black. I’m going to be completely honest here and say that this one is really hard for me, personally, to get into. I MIGHT be on season 2? But that was almost a year ago, so I don’t even know. Why am I suggesting that it’s binge-worthy if I’ve not actually binged it? Believe me when I say this to you. This is the show that most of your friends follow. When a new season is released in June, they watch it in a matter of days and then it’s all the buzz of the summer. Imagine, coming out of hibernation with your tots. You go to the first playgroup of the summer (everyone has had their germy children in the house all winter and spring, trying to recover from the common cold and trying to avoid the cold weather as much as possible), and all of the moms-all of them-are talking about Orange Is The New Black and you can’t relate. So for a half hour, you just say, “I’ve been meaning to check it out!”… That’s my reality and I’m okay with it. Some of us are okay with missing out on some things. However, if you are not one of those people, binge-watch it immediately!

4. Scandal. Come on, now. If you even sit there and tell me that watching Olivia Pope strut down the hallways of the White House does not awaken your inner H.B.I.C, then you’re a liar and the truth isn’t in you. Or you haven’t seen the show, so you need to. Everything about Scandal (not so much this final season, but that’s another blog for another day) is hot. From the affairs to the, well, scandals… Who’s hooking up with who? Who’s framing who? Who did WHAT?! I think moms just love the show because since we’ve been moms, most of us have been so out of touch with the world that “tea” has gone from juicy gossip to a simple mundane beverage to wind down with at the end of the day. Scandal is also about boss women taking control and exerting their own power, so it’s rather inspiring and encouraging after a long day of momming.

5. Charmed. For nostalgia purposes only. It is a classic! It’s a show about three hardcore, beautiful women fighting off supernatural villains (AND WINNING)… like, come on… you battled a two year old over bedtime and almost lost. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe (and eventually Piper, Phoebe, and Paige) are fighting DEMONS without breaking a nail. If that’s not encouragement for you, I don’t really know what is.

6. Bates Motel. Okay, so whenever I think of Norman Bates, the whole “Mom”-thing is kind of soured for me, momentarily. If you’ve seen Psycho, you’d understand. BUT… this show is sooooooooooooooo good! Especially the first couple of seasons. It’s one of those great shows where just when the truth about one secret is being revealed, a new secret begins to unravel. The plot is twisted and thrilling and ultimately, more exciting than your daily, mundane life. HOWEVER, it’s kind of dark…grim. I recommend it more for the afternoon, while the children are napping, rather than for the last thing you watch before going to bed. Just a forewarning. Some people are into creepy. I am not one of them.

7. Friends. Becuase at this point in our lives, rent control and friendships where you see each other daily seem like a fairy tale. Friends honestly is a little overrated, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s the mindless comedy that moms DESERVE at the end of a hard day. Plus, you can’t deny that the theme song doesn’t make you choke on tears and hit you in the feels.

8. Parenthood. A show that depicts the hardship of families, sometimes, but a show that also reminds us of how good it is to be a part of one. From all of the mistakes that we, as parents, can make to all of the successes that follow right behind them. Parenthood encapsulates it all. Some moments make you laugh until you cry and other moments make you just…cry. Binge this when you’re REALLY appreciating the fam. (Or when you need a subtle reminder to do so.)

9. Criminal Minds. Sure, go for it. You’ll probably become really paranoid and really overprotective of your children, but the show is good. And Shemar Moore. Need I say more? That’s convincing enough. Jokes aside, Criminal Minds is a great show to watch when you’ve no other options. It’s kind of like SVU in that way…except…more psychotic. And chaotic. There are characters that you’ll fall in love with and criminals that you’ll begin to sympathize with. Lots of moral ambiguities going on, and I love that in a show.

10. Once Upon A Time. You want to talk about obsessed? Try ‘freshman year of undergrad me” and this show. I binged three seasons in a week. It is that good. I’m not even a giant fan of this fantasy genre (Disney Princesses are typically my extent there), but I love the way that this show is written; how all of the story lines coincide. I also love the moral ambiguity of it all: good people doing bad things/bad people doing good deeds. If you really need to escape the world of laundry-washing-mom, this show will do it. Be transported to a world where moms are saviors and villains and where dads are evil and pure. It’s where the stories that you loved as a child (and that your kiddos love now) get to be told in a different light. It’s truly the perfect show to dive into for a couple of hours (or 24, I’m not judging.)

Add these to your list if you haven’t already, pull out your snacks from under your pillow (do all moms keep them there?), and enjoy the mom time that you’ve worked all day for!

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