Let’s forget about the kids this post-everything can’t be about them all of the time!

I am a firm believer in “If you look good, you feel good.” I think that it is so important to occasionally throw on lipstick or eyeliner or mascara or ALL so that you don’t completely hate what you look like in the mirror. Or for those occasions when you choose to ditch the yoga pants and the kids, but not the coffee…because, let’s face it. Coffee is what’s keeping most of us going.

Here’s my list of Mommy MakeUp Must Haves!

To begin, no matter who you are, you need every Naked palette that Urban Decay has ever made. ALL OF THEM. They are pretty pricey, I will not lie to you, but they are so worth while. SOOOOOOOO worthwhile.

*Mostly natural shades; You will not look like you’re “trying too hard” for your daily Target/Sam’s Club run
*Color combinations are endless
*High quality
*DURABLE; your little monsters would have to throw it down the stairs with extreme force in order for them to break (I’d still keep palettes out of reach, though…play it safe)

*Not the most poratble
*Kind of pricey

Every mama deserves to feel hot. I LOVE MY RETRO MATTES! I have an entire collection of them and I’m not stopping anytime soon! They are great for Girl’s Night Out, Date night, Weddings, any event where you can wine and unwind!

*Several shades to choose from
*Doesn’t wear off easily
*Easy to apply
*Doesn’t require several coats
*Lasts long

*Has to be scrubbed off

Do people seriously spend a lot of money on mascara? HOW?! This mama can’t AND won’t! Maybelline’s Colossal Volume mascara does everything that I need it to!

*Fuller, longer effect

*Clumps after three or four months

Eyeliner is a must so that you can combat those zombie eyes. Any liquid eyeliner will do. It’s fast, easy, and it looks effortless. Just a quick application to run your errands or throw on a dramatic wing for for an event or a night out. You can find any anywhere, but I personally use Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes.

*Easy to apply
*Thin tip

*Thickens after a few months
*Not much in the container
*Not spill proof

So those are the must haves! I’m sure there are so many other products that other people prefer to use, but these are my recommendations. Comment below what you’d consider to be your “Mommy Make Up Must Have”!

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